focused on ...
  • Financing Plans, Equity Investor Types, and Equity Investor Deal Structures
  • Business Angel Investment, Sales Estimates, and Minimum Guarantees From Distributors


  • Tutors for the 2015/2016 Edition of Closing The Gap included: 

Marc Robert (peacefulfish; financing plans, equity investor types, and equity investor deal structures)
Josef Brandmaier (UniFinance; business angel investments, sales estimates, and minimum guarantees from distributors)

Experts &
Case Studies ...
  • Development Funding and Contract Cashflowing For Creative Companies
  • Pitch Coaching For Participants: "How To Pitch To Equity Players"


  • Expert presentations during the 2015/2016 Edition of Closing The Gap included:

Representative from the Investitionsbank Berlin (development funding and contract cashflowing for creative companies)
Juliane Schulze (peacefulfish; pitch coaching for participants: "How To Pitch To Equity Players")


Equity investor
feedback from ...
  • representatives of business angel funds
  • venture capital financiers
  • gap equity fund managers
  • post-production equity investors


  • The panel of 4 to 5 international equity investors who will take part in the pitching session will be announced in February 2017.